Reports on social media indicate that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across India have quietly blocked access to several popular adult websites such as 'Pornhub' since Saturday.

In a Reddit India thread, dozens of users claim that porn websites are inaccessible and are either showing a blank page or the message, "The site has been blocked as per the instructions of Competent Authority."

Internet users trying to access porn through MTNL, BSNL and ACT broadband said they were unable to access porn sites. Airtel, Tata Photon and cable internet users have have maitained that they are not facing any issue.

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According to Legally India, Department of Telecommunications (DOT) ordered the ISPs to block access. It reported that in Delhi those using Spectranet were unable to access 11 out of the world's 13 most popular porn sites.

A Redditor, Arzuns, said the ISP was blocking any web address which contained the word porn in the domain. He confirmed that in Bengaluru, ACT has blocked all access.

The decision by the Indian government to rather slyly enforce a ban on porn has surprised many. Last month, the Supreme Court of India had declined a governemnt request to block porn websites saying it "can't stop an adult from watching porn in his room."

"Such interim orders cannot be passed by this court. Somebody may come to the court and say look I am above 18 and how can you stop me from watching it within the four walls of my room. It is a violation of Article 21 [right to personal liberty]," Chief Justice H.L. Dattu had observed according to The Hindu.