Monkeyboo flosses his teeth
Monkeyboo flosses his teethScreenshot/Youtube

How often do you have to ask your kids to floss their teeth before they actually do it? Monkeyboo, a responsible and hygienic internet sensation, shows the world how important it is to floss regularly and keep the pearly whites shiny and new.

The video begins with Monkeyboo's friend Pete Moss asking him to clean his teeth. The black-capped capuchin proceeds to uncoil the floss and look around confused for a couple of seconds. Moss takes out a string of the floss and hands it out to Monkeyboo, who starts to floss his teeth vigorously.

Moss encourages him to "get 'em nice and clean.. get in between all of them," and Monkeyboo does just that. It even earns him a compliment: "That's a good Boo... Great dental hygiene, Boo."

In his hurry, though Monkeyboo forgot to floss the rest of his teeth and Moss compells him to finish the job and congratulates him with, "that's a good boy," when he finishes. 

Monkeyboo, a  four-year-old black-capped capuchin monkey, is no stranger to the camera and has been an internet celebrity for a while now, along with being the "most important part of the Moss YouTube family". The internet celebrity reveals on his YouTube Channel that his best friend is a pit bull named Mac and that he loves to cuddle. 

"Monkey Flossing his Teeth" is only one among Monkeyboo's many viral videos on YouTube and is featured on videos that come up in other YouTube channels including "PeteMossShow", "onequestiondaily PeteMoss", "Ty Moss", "Tyonthafly" and "PeteMossOnThaFly". 

In a video that has over 149,300 views titled "Monkey Freakin HAPPY!", Monkeyboo expresses his inexplicable joy in meeting internet celebrity couple -- Ty Moss (also Pete Moss's son) and Grayson -- after a month. He screeches non-stop from the moment the YouTube stars walk through the door and clings on to Ty's hand as he pets the four-year-old capuchin. Boo then jumps over to Gray as he snuggles into her while she scratches him. After two minutes of meet and greet though, he runs off to play.

In another YouTube viral video titled, "Monkey Brain Freeze", Monkeyboo tries some sugar-free Malt fruit juice, which he loves so much that he downs most of it non-stop for over 20 seconds. Boo realises that even though the juice is undeniably tasty, he has to stop every few seconds to cope with the brain freeze. He  has to finally stop with the juice after gulping down most of it, though, having had enough of the brain freeze. The video has over 223,132 hits on YouTube. 

Monkeyboo is not just popular on YouTube, like every other internet celebrity, he too, is active on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram and has thousands of followers, who willingly spend money on Monkeyboo merchandise.