Internet Celebrates 30th Birthday for the New YearReuters

The internet, one of the world's most innovative creations turned 30 years as on Tuesday.

The journey of the internet which was originally christened as ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) began on 1 January, 1983. It was then the inventors of ARPANET decided to switch over from Network Control Protocol to Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol or TCP / IP.

ARPANET is a military project based on Welsh scientist Donald Davies's design that was developed at the universities, such as University of California (Los Angeles (UCLA)) and the Stanford Research Institute in 1960. Later in 1973, the work on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) technology started, and the new method of linking computers led to the evolution of internet.

"I don't think that anybody making that switch on the day would have realised the importance of what they were doing," said Chris Edwards, an electronics correspondent for Engineering and Technology magazine, as quoted by the Daily Telegraph."But without it the internet and the World Wide Web as we know them could not have happened."

In 1989, the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee made the invention of World Wide Web (WWW) which formed the basis of modern internet. Ever since its invention, internet has become the part and parcel of human lives. Indeed, the modern world is otherwise referred to the internet era.

Today, the use of internet has reached its pinnacle. It is being used in the field of education, science, research and even in business. It has changed the face of marketing, mode of communication and the living style of people. Internet transformed many lives from good to bad and vice versa. It allows greater flexibility in working and it has eased the pressure of tiring works.

"The internet means there is nowhere and no one in the world you can't reach easily and cheaply,"Chris Edwards commented.

The era has changed the world of news and business. Indeed, it is difficult to name anything which has not been touched by the most popular comunication media - the internet. In this busy world people most of the people do not have time to actually sit and read the newspaper. Thanks to the interent, the newspaper and even the television channels reach out to the people via internet as a mode of sophisticated convenience to readers with latest news and updates.

Likewise, one can now sit at the comfort of home and do shopping. The fear of online shopping is dimming day by day. The scope of business through internet has far-reaching productivity with access to wider audience today. Banking and the education too blessed with the evolution of internet. In the field of education, the doors of opportunities are infinite today. The money transactions are just at your finger tips.Over the years the internet has certainly become a place of information and inventions which are more reliable, informative and updated.