Women's Day
Comedy Central

Women don't always mean what they say, and therefore deciphering what runs in a woman's mind is often a tricky process. As the world celebrates International Women's Day, Comedy Central has prepared a glossary of phrases that may help men understand their partners, and steer away from trouble.

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"I'm fine" -- This can be stated as a universal law, when she says she's fine, it's the complete opposite of that. So what do you do? Try and get it out of her, she may want you to try and talk to you; she may want to see whether you actually care. So ask and listen, listen intently.

"I'm almost ready" -- Don't get excited after listening to these three words. It means you might still have to kill an extra hour. Let her take her time, she's well aware of her timing.

"We need to talk" -- These are crucial words that need urgent attention. Never ignore these words. It's quite simple actually, you just have to sit and listen to her, don't interrupt her, don't bring up another topic and don't go on a tangent. Just listen.

Women's Day
Comedy Central

"You don't have to, but …" -- You have to. You need to. She's just trying to be nice. Don't buy into her modesty, this is her calling out to you, reaching out to you. It's her analysing whether you care enough . So just do it.

"Whatever" -- When she says this magical word don't get annoyed, she's just trying to say that yes I agree with you but I refuse to openly admit I am wrong.

"Does this make me look fat?" -- Don't think, just say no. By asking whether she looks fat she is letting you know that she might feel ugly, and that you have to make her feel beautiful. She is probably asking you this question also because she cares about what you think about her appearance, so be very, very careful with this one.

"Have fun" -- She doesn't mean it. What she means is I hope you have the worst time of your life. Underplay it then, tell her it's just going to be boring, I rather spend time with you. Assure her that the only time you actually have fun is with her.

"Maybe" -- That's a No. Maybe simply means NO