Vixen appeared on Arrow making her live action debut
Vixen appeared on Arrow making her live action debutFacebook/Arrow

For many years, Hollywood made the audience believe that only all-American white, male superheroes can rake in the big numbers at the box office. However, the last couple of years have proven that there is place for all kinds of superheroes regardless of their sex and race in art.

Female superheroes are not just the big-chested, scantily clad women that were the personifications of teenage boys' sexual fantasies. Visionary filmmakers have allowed for them to be developed into nuanced characters that have the same integrity as their male counterparts.

Their presence in the mainstream media not only proves the "central hero" running a show to be an age-old myth, it also gives young girls from all over the world, strong, powerful and beautiful women to look up to.

This International Women's Day, take a look at some of the most popular female superheroes that have recently taken over TV and movies by storm:

Supergirl: Despite falling into some romcom-eque clichés, CBS' "Supergirl" shows young Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) as a strong, superhuman from another planet who still has the insecurities and vulnerabilities that any other young woman would go through. She is not only a great vigilante, but also a good daughter, loving sister and someone who has a troubled past.

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AKA Jessica Jones: Netflix's originals series is centerd on Jessica Jones, a former superhero who is currently running a detective agency. This show portrays not only a female superhero, but also a boss among the superheroes. "AKA Jessica Jones" even covers dark topics such as rape and assault, allowing fans to start conversations regarding these issues.

Vixen: Although "Vixen" is an animated show on The CW, she made her live action debut in Season 4 Episode 15 "Arrow" titled "Taken." Her appearance was especially remarked with regards to the theme of Women's Day, because of the following interaction she had with a villain:

   Bad Guy: Come on out. Face us like a man.
   Vixen: I've got a better idea. How about I kick your ass like a woman instead?

Wonder Woman: Gal Godot, who plays Princess Diana of Themyscira aka Wonder Woman for the DC cinematic universe, is only making her debut in the live action universe with "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" on March 25, 2016. However, she will be getting a solo film in 2017, which is rumoured to explain her origin story set in the 1920s. The movie is also special because of the fact that a female director, Patty Jenkins, will be helming the proverbial ship.