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There are many words associated with gender and people do deem them sexist. However, there has been a rise in words which are now the male equivalent of the female term and coined for mocking men. How familiar are you with these words – as a man or woman? Here's a look at some of the 'male' words that people use everyday.

Mansplaining – We all know about explaining but what's mansplaining. Well, that's the 'male act of expecting a woman to listen patiently to the explanation of something she probably already knows' according to the Boston Globe.

Moobs – Boobs is a word people use to refer to a woman's breasts (often in a derogatory manner) but then some men have breasts too right? Known as gynecomastia medically, a man's boobs are now referred to as moobs.

Manspreading – You know how guys like to sprawl on public transport with their legs spread wide? Yea, that's exactly it. That is referred to as manspreading. This word came up because men were taking up too much space on the subway. In fact, there have anti-manspreading campaigns in the US and Canada.

Manel – When you have an all male panel, then you have successfully created a 'manel'. Finnish feminist researcher and artist Saara Sarma started a project on Tumblr where she published pics of all-male panels to highlight gender equality. So make sure you are not on a manel or you're likely to get shamed.

Manscaping – This is the 'removal or trimming of hair on a man's body for cosmetic purposes'. According to askmen.com, a man who wants to manscape should wax, shave and trim if he wants to get it right!

Mandal – This word came into the focus in 2013 when men's sandals made it big in fashion. And that's exactly what they are. Sandals for men - whether they are flipflops, Birkenstocks, or more leather-strapped ones – are the mandal. But can you carry off the mandal. You need to have short, clean toenails, no calluses and buff off the dry skin before you slip into these.