International Men's Day (IMD) will be observed on Thursday, 19 November, 2015. The day not only celebrates achievements and contributions of men, but also aims to focus on men's and boys' health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models.

The November IMD coincides with the very popular annual event, "Movember", which involves growing of moustaches and beards during the month of November to raise awareness of various cancers, such as prostate cancer.

So, on International Men's Day 2015, we decided to celebrate the spirit of manhood by bringing you a list of the hottest Hollywood actors who have sported the best Movember moustache and beard.

David Beckham: Posh Spice aka Victoria is one lucky woman. Beard, mush or stubble, David Beckham rocks the look the best. Recently, he has been voted as People's sexiest man alive -- do we need to say more?

Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie's husband is known for growing beard every now and then. Be it a goatee or long or curly perm-like beard, Brad has always managed to look the best in all styles.

Johnny Depp: He is undoubtedly, everyone's favourite pirate. But there's no denial he is also one of the most stylish actors in the industry. From his accent to his rock star look, Depp is a complete package any woman would want to take home.

Ben Affleck: His beard could now be seen more as narrative of his gloomy personal life as he copes with his divorce with Jennifer Lawrence. But, Ben's beard has always been quite popular and he has always been on the list of actors with the best beard in Hollywood.

Tom Selleck: Talk about Movemeber moustache and not have Selleck on the list, sounds a bit unfair, isn't it? He moved from TV to big screen and his stache came with him. He is still a true symbol of manhood.

Leonardo DiCaprio: He has pulled his boyish face to looking like a perfect hottie with his goatee and sideburns. From a full grown beard to a moustache Leo has always got girls drooling over him.

The other Movember hotties who will inspire you to grow that beard include Jamie Dornan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ed Sheeran, Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling, Zac Effron, Bradley Cooper, Hulk Hogan and Robert Downey Jr. among others.