We live in a place where only 10% of the population is comprised of lefties. In such times, you tend to think that this is no world for left handed people. Perhaps this is why we need a day to celebrate left handedness because, according to studies, lefties are a large unorganised minority in the world.

13 August has been dedicated to the left handers of the world since 1990. To be precise, the International Left Hander's Day came to exist when a left handers club in UK decided it was time to spread awareness about left handed people. Even though it's been more than a decade since this day's existence, lefties are still asked bizarre questions and are provided with equally bizarre facts.

Here are some of them.

Lefties are Shy

EminemReuters file

There are studies to prove it. Left handed people are dominated by the right side of their brain, which restraints them from fully exhibiting their emotions. They are also more likely to feel embarrassed and anxious.

Exhibit A: Eminem. 

Left Handed people are Clumsy

We think this is really a trait and not a fact. In a world where everything benefits right handed people -- from spiral notebooks and scissors to can openers and measuring tape, it is a surprise that left handed people don't suffer from vertigo.

Or Maybe they do. Do you remember Jennifer Lawrence's fall during the Oscars?

They are Heavy Drinkers

Justin Bieber
Pop singer Justin Bieber appears via video conference in his first court appearance after being arrested on a drunk driving charge in Miami, Florida in this file photo taken January 23, 2014. Bieber, who racked up charges in two cities in the span of a week, would be wise to use provocative songstress Miley Cyrus as his guide to navigate the transition from teen pop stardom to a serious adult career, branding and celebrity crisis experts said.REUTERS/Walter Michot

Could this be incidental? According to psychologist Kevin Denny, this is a sticky point. (As if everything else about left-handed people is in black and white). The psychologist explains that left handed people do tend to be heavy drinkers. He noticed this is an examination he conducted among left and right handed people.  

Nevertheless, some researchers argue that it's the stress of being left handed in a right handed world that leads lefties to alcoholism. If this is true, it has the potential to explain Justin Bieber's life.

They are the devil? Really?

Mission Impossible 4
Mission Impossible 4Mission Impossible Official Si

Just look at Tom Cruise.

This prejudice against lefties exists pretty much since the beginning of this world. Lefties are looked at with amusement and wonder because the devil is often depicted with his red face and his left hand. Since Christianity, Islam and Judaism are right-handed religions, those who are left handed in the Bible, Quran and the Torah are relegated to a minority status. Or worse, lefties are a disenfranchised lot.

Left-Handedness Runs in Families

Trooping the ceremony
Britain's Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince William holding Prince George, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry, and Prince Philip stand on the balcony at Buckingham Palace after attending the Trooping the Colour ceremony at Horse Guards Parade in central London, Britain on 13 June.Reuters

Everyone from the Queen Mother, to Prince Charles and Prince William are lefties.  Apparently, King George VI, who most of you will remember as Colin Firth in "The King's Speech" was also a leftie.  The British monarch was shy, reticent and was forced to write with his right hand. Nevertheless, the rest of the royals didn't suffer a similar fate. Recently, Prince William said that he wishes his son, George (another one!) to be left handed as well. Like Great Grand Father, like Great Grand Son?

Left Handed Artists Draw Figures Facing to the Right

Leonardo Da Vinci (University of California Museum of Paleontology)
Leonardo Da Vinci (University of California Museum of Paleontology)University of California Museum of Paleontology

Among the famous ones, we have Leonardo Da Vinci, Remembrandt, Pablo Picasso and Michaelangelo. Their paintings could reveal something about their artistic ability.

They Can Land a Punch Easily

Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (black and golden shorts) will fight for one last time this September before retiring from the sport of boxing.Reuters

It's a bit bizarre, but yes, lefties are born fighters. Boxers are trained against a right handed participant. For lefties, using their left hand comes easily. That is why left handed pitchers are called "southpaws." They use their south side arm against righties who traditionally use their north side arm. Famous southpaw boxers like Reggie Johnson, Young Corbett III and Chris Cornelius Byrd are known to have an advantage against an orthodox opponent.

 They find Solidarity Among their Feline Friends

Composer creates music just for cats and they love it - listen here

According to research, 40% of cats are left handed. Sorry to take away the special status tag away from you, lefties.

They are World Leaders?

US Drone Strikes: President Obama ‘profoundly regrets’ deaths of hostages

Interestingly, four out of the last seven Presidents of US have been left handed. The most recent of them is President Obama. Scientists say that left handed people use their right and left side of brain better and can multi-task, make better decisions etc. According to research, lefties use their left hand when they're talking about an idea or policy that they really believe in.