Happy Friendship day 2016
Happy Friendship day 2016123 Greetings

 Friendship, as a concept, may seem like a mostly human phenomenon, but animals have often been known to exhibit it. Thus, it is not for nothing that they say a dog is man's best friend. But then, this friendship sometimes extends to between unlikely species of animals as well!

Here are some examples of exactly such unlikely friendships between animals.

We start this list with two animals that cannot stay with each other, and yet developed a bond that leaves us speechless, our hearts warm, our eyes moist and our lips curled into a smile.

Then there's this deer who seems to have befriended a dog, which is highly unlikely because under different circumstances, one would be food for the other. But these two seem to have forgotten all that, in what could very well be a lesson to human beings all around the world.

Here's another friendship, and the cuteness might prompt you to eat these two all up! But figuratively, though. This feather-fur combo is definitely one for fun!

Food seems to be a common catalyst of unelikely friendships. This one is a little more than that, though. This one is an example of how friendship can take different dimensions in general and a maternal turn in particular.

This parenting thing seems to have rubbed off on this unlikely duo as well, and to an extent that it has changed these two specimens of species that are otherwise arch-rivals. Don't believe us? See for yourself!

Now here's a friendship that must have been unthinkable! Three carnivorous animals that are predators nature honed its skills with, giving them the best hunting instincts and tools. But this trio chooses to set that all aside and live as besties. Here's how:

 Here's another that shows friendship is even better when it's a threeway street! Play, rest or try to keep uo with a rambanctious friend, this is definitely one for the books!

And sometimes, these creatures need not even be displaying their friendship for it to become apparent. It just shows! Like this:

Got some more stories of such friendships for us that will make us go "dawwwww"? Feel free to share them with us! Some feedback? That's what the comment section is for, and we are all ears!

Oh, and have a happy Friendship Day!