Shaun Lee
Shaun LeePR Handout

International Forex trader Shaun Lee is set to produce a Bollywood movie based on forex trading and rise of cryptocurrency bitcoin. The movie is based on a story of an Indian guy who is tech geek and started trading forex in his teen age.

He gets into bitcoin crypto currency when it costs 100$ a coin and it rose to 20,000$ in 2017 . The story showcases how he makes his fortune despite facing series of hurdles makes the cruz of the film.

When Shaun Lee, who is successful trader and entrepreneur, heard this story, he was amazed because he also started trading in forex and crypto when they were very early.

Story is written by one of Shaun's friends. Shaun lee is good friends with actor Arsh Bajwa from long time and when he discused the story with Arsh, he immediatly said 'Yes' as he played a computer geek in his last movie Running Shaadi. Shaun will also play a small role in this film. This film is mainly based in Mumbai and moves to England. Shooting will begin around September- October .