They have been the first storytellers to most kids. They are the unofficial nannies of the households. And, they always impart their sense of wisdom whenever they get a chance. Grandparents are the one of the chosen few who are armed with a kind soul, unflinching love, imagination and insight.

Most kids make their first friend with their grandmother or grandfather, and for some of them, that friendship lasts. On International Day of Older Persons, we list out a few adorable quotes by celebrities and their great relationship with their grandparents.

Jeff Beezos

"I loved and worshipped my grandparents... My grandfather was a highly intelligent, quiet man. He said, 'Jeff, one day you'll understand that it's harder to be kind than clever."

Katy Perry

"My grandmother is in the movie and she steals the show, she is living in Las Vegas and she doesn't acknowledge my success at all, which is exactly what I need. When she was at the Hollywood premiere she was like, 'Oh, why are you here?' and I was like, 'It's my movie,' and she was like, 'Oh is it?' She thought everybody was there to see her!"

Barack Obama

"She's the one who taught me about hard work. She's the one who put off buying a new car or a new dress for herself so that I could have a better life. She poured everything she had into me."


"Dolly you are my precious Angel, I love you beyond what words can describe! I just miss you Gran Gran!"

Miranda Lambert

"I love strong, empowered women and come from a family of them. My mom, Bev, and my grandma, Nonny, are terrific ladies and great role models. I think people appreciate this kind of confidence because it is real, plain-spoken, and inspiring."