When everything else fails, there's always coffee. That dictum holds true for coffee addicts, and well, anyone who has woken up on the wrong side of the bed. A strong, piping hot cup of coffee can cleanse you of your headache or hangover. It could even make you and your friends stay for long at a coffee shop. After all, that's what made 90s sitcoms so famous.

On 1 October, International Coffee Day 2015, we give you a list of popular coffee shops that have appeared on TV shows. We are sure that these coffee pubs have embedded itself in your memory, making you nostalgic for TV and good company.

Monk's Café, Seinfeld

This is where all the drama and the talking took place. Monk's café, the traditional American diner was the hangout spot for Jerry and his squad. This fictional café was actually shot in New York's Upper West Side, at an old school joint called Tom's Restaurant.

Central Perk, FRIENDS

Where would Pheobe sing if there wasn't a Central Perk? Or where would Ross and Rachel confess if this coffee shop didn't exist. And more importantly, how differently would Monica, Chandler, Joey and the rest of their lives unfold if the comfortable couch at Central Perk didn't lend itself to this funny bunch.

Rear Window Brew, Pretty Little Liars

If you are a fan then you would agree that there's nothing better than watching the cast of "Pretty Little Liars" at their favourite coffee shop. Rear Window Brew, as it is popularly known on the show, is the perfect place for gossip, men and a relaxing time.

Café Narvosa, Frasier

There had to be a coffee shop for Frasier and his brother to vent and be existential about life. And we think that the coffee helped them think, talk and well, talk some more. In honour of the fictional Café Nervosa on Frasier, the city of Toronto houses a replica of it.

Dean & Deluca, Felicity

You can't forget Felicity's life in Dean & Deluca whilst she studied at NYU. Although this coffee shop doesn't exit, you could pay homage to it in Soho's flagship market.