The Intelligence agencies have reportedly warned that two major Islamic extremist groups, the Islamic State (Isis) and Boko Haram, may target the third India-Africa Forum Summit that kicked off in Delhi on Monday.

The possibility of a threat has raised security concerns as 40 of the 54 African countries are expected to be represented by their heads of state or government at the summit. Many of them are reported to be facing threat from Boko Haram.

The intelligence inputs warn of lone-wolf attack on dignitaries or the hotels they are staying at. The Delhi Police and foreign region registration office (FRRO) have been assigned to keep track of the African nationals who are in the national capital for the summit, according to The Times of India report.

With "very high" threat perception, the police and other security agencies have been asked to beef up the security for the Indian and African delegation attending the summit. In view of the threat, more than 25,000 Delhi Police and paramilitary personnel are working with the African security agencies to ensure safety of the dignitaries during the summit.

The security arrangements will be more tight on 29 October, when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet with the heads of all states of Africa and other officials at the IG indoor stadium.

Boko Haram, Nigeria's biggest Islamist extremist outfit, became more intense since it pledged allegiance to Isis in March. Islamic State too had accepted the allegiance and reportedly announced its expansion to west Africa.