Intel Compute Stick Launches For Rs. 9,999 On Flipkart: What Are The Advantages And Why Should You Buy?
Intel Compute Stick Launches For Rs. 9,999 On Flipkart: What Are The Advantages And Why Should You Buy?Intel

Intel has launched a miniature version of a computer, Compute Stick, in India with an attractive ₹9,999 price tag. The new dongle-sized PC brings convenience as well as enhanced performance in a unique concept. The specifications of Compute Stick are identical to those found on a regular PC, complete with Windows 8.1 OS, quad-core Atom processor, ample storage and multiple connectivity options.

Intel originally launched its Compute Stick and explained all its features during Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The chipmaker has two versions of Compute Stick, one that runs on Ubuntu and the other that boasts of Windows OS. Intel released the Windows 8.1-powered Compute Stick in India, while the availability of the Linux variant is still not known.

"Intel continues to look for great ways to deliver new product opportunities for our end users and channel partners. The Intel Compute Stick takes computing to the next level and helps deliver the best computing experience possible in an incredibly small device. It brings computing to new devices and environments, transforming the way, when and how we compute. We are extremely pleased to bring this revolutionary device to India," said Rajiv Bhalla, Director of Sales and Marketing at Intel South Asia, according to NDTV Gadgets.

What is Compute Stick made of? Specifications and Features

Intel's Compute Stick works like a traditional computer-on-a-stick concept by transforming an HDMI-supported monitor or TV into a fully-fledged computer. The tiny PC is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage along with a microSD card slot for further expansion. The tiny dongle-sized PC houses a USB 2.0 port so users can attach a flash drive to transfer or read files. The Compute Stick features Intel HD graphics, suitable for gaming and videos.

In addition, the 4-inch Compute Stick also supports Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair a wireless keyboard and a mouse to operate the television as a computer.

You can buy Intel Compute Stick for ₹9,999 from Flipkart.