Cast members Shailene Woodley and Theo James pose at the premiere of "Divergent" in Los Angeles
Cast members Shailene Woodley and Theo James pose at the premiere of "Divergent" in Los Angeles, California in this file photo taken March 18, 2014.REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/Files

"Insurgent" movie starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James in lead roles is not going to adhere to the book, and new spoilers indicate that the lead characters –Tris and Four – might go their separate ways in the movie.

The first film in the series, "Divergent" ended with Tris and Four as strong as ever, but the introduction of a new character named Edgar might spell trouble for their relationship, reports indicate.

The new character will try to create problems between Tris and Four, which is expected to lead up to their break up. However, they won't be separated for long, as fans of the "Divergent" series by Veronica Roth would not be happy to see their favourite characters going their separate ways.

Tris and Four are two strong-headed individuals, and they tend to disagree and argue on a lot of things. But at the end of it, the story is all about the two learning to trust each other as they struggle to survive in their unconventional society. And Edgar is just one of the hurdles the couple will face.

On steering away from the book, James, who plays Four in the movies, said that as long as there is good character progression, fans of the books will not be unhappy with the changes.

"You have to honor the material for the first film because you have a fanbase, but when you come to the second one, if you you've done well with the first movie, you now have the ability to think outside the box," James told Buzzfeed in July.

"And I think as long as you have good character progression — which is essentially Four and Tris, the anchors of the films — if you have that stuff right, then if you lose some kind of threads of different plotlines, it shouldn't matter," he added.

As for what to expect in the second instalment in the series, James wants fans to lookout for a fight sequence on the train where Four goes up against almost 40 people. The Fear Landscapes, too, will be an interesting watch, he assured.

"Now that we've set up the world in the first one, you start with a movie that's full of heart and a lot of action. It's so much bigger and has all these rich themes of trust and betrayal and a love story between two people that you haven't seen in films of this nature before!" he added.

"Insurgent" will release in March 2015, and the third book, "Allegiant," will be split into two films.