We've come to except Salman Khan on Eid. Every Eid the star releases a film, and his fans look forward to It every year. Due to coronavirus, there will be no releases for a while and so fans have believed that this Eid will be one with a Salman Khan Eid release.

Now, reports have emerged that Salman Khan is going to light up Eid this time like he does every year. Only, this year he'll be releasing a song instead of film. At least, fans have something to look out for when it comes to their Bhai. 

Salman khan

Salman Khan to surprise fans with a song on Eid

What is Eid without Salman Khan in Bollywood? A Salman Khan film release on Eid has become a sort of tradition in the industry, so much so that other films think twice before releasing their films on the day. The pandemic, however, has been the only thing that has been able to stop the actor's film from releasing on this special day. 

So, just when fans were bracing themselves for an Eid sans Salman Khan, Bhai came to their rescue. According to the latest reports Salman Khan will be releasing a song on Eid on 25th May. While this may not be an entire movie nearly 3 hours long, it's still something to look forward to. 

Details of the song aren't out yet, but we can only expect that fans will be eagerly anticipating its release tomorrow. The star has so far released two songs on his new YouTube channel garnering a massive response proving his audience clout that he has always had. The actor has also been putting out videos cautioning people about breaking lockdown rules and has been doing his bit to help out as he remains quarantined at his Panvel farmhouse.