Param Sharma aka itslavishbitch
Param Sharma aka itslavishbitchInstagram/itslavishbitch

Param Sharma, who is more famous as "Instagram's worst teenager" or even "internet's worst teenager" has now landed himself in jail, and for what? The lowly act of selling a stolen iPhone!

18-Year- Old Sharma got ridiculously famous on Instagram as "itslavishbitches" by calling out celebrities such as Soulja Boy and Rihanna about their wealth, or lack thereof and taunting the Kardashians that they would always be peasants when compared to him. The California teenager also has the habit of posting pictures of insanely expensive accessories and wads of cash, with captions that always end with "peasant" or "bi*ch".

Param Sharma aka itslavishbitch
Param Sharma aka itslavishbitchInstagram/itslavishbitch

Karma, however seems to have finally caught up with him, and according to abc, the most hated teenager on the internet has been sentenced for selling a stolen iPhone on Craigslist, or in the words of Sharma's lawyer, an iPhone he "found". 

The lawyer of Instagram's worst teenager, Andrew Shalaby says the charge was a rare misdemeanor, for which Sharma is the first person to be convicted in the state of California: failure to make a reasonable effort to find the owner of the phone. Shalaby also told Buzzfeed that, "The police knew him and were unhappy with his social media accounts. $30,000 bail is not something that could be done for these charges".

Param Sharma aka itslavishbitch
Param Sharma posted the picture of iPhoneInstagram/itslavishbitch

To top it all, Sharma, who was sentenced to 90 days at the Santa Rita Jail, owing to some bureaucratic mishap found himself in a high-security psychiatric ward.

"He's in block F, according to the Sgt. here, the worst of the worst in the section of a psych ward," Shalaby claims and adds that the most hated teenager has already been attacked. "Somebody tried to kill him and I was really, really upset," Shalaby said.

The judge, however, reiterated that he had only sentenced Sharma to jail and not to the psych ward. Now things have gotten more complicated with all records of the case having gone missing. On 27 August, the judge confirmed that the file has in fact disappeared and without them, there is nothing the sherrif's office, which administers the jail, could do to move the California teenager to a regular jail. 

Finally late on Friday, the jailers told the teenager's lawyer that they had somehow found the missing file and that Sharma would be moved to a regular jail.

If jail time would change the attitude of "Instagram's worst teenager" is yet to be seen, but his account has been dormant since 15 August, and the last picture the teenager posted on Instagram is that of some expensive seafood, along with the caption "There go Yo rent money to fill my belly".

Param Sharma aka itslavishbitch
Param Sharma posts picture of expensive seafood as itslavishbitch on InstagramInstagram/itslavishbitch

While itslavishbitch has over 432,935 followers, most of them love to hate him and have posted some colourful comments on how the richest kid on Instagram was unable to cover his $30,000 bail bond.

Instagram user Morgan6633 asks, "You're so rich but you it looks like you can't even get a decent lawyer to get you out of jail. Whose the peasant now? You are so fake."

"Yet his daddy can't do shit to get his ass outta jail. All this money and you can't get bail money? You broke aF." posted matthudsontrippyshit.

"This guy is a fucking loser. And why he almost has half a million followers baffles me. With all his money he doesn't do any good with it. Now his ass in jail where it should be. Hope h stays in there for a very long time and doesn't get out," posted Instagram user _Emily924_.