Sharan Patil
Sharan Patil

Sharan Patil, aka Okshravan, is known for his Digital Marketing skills among top Bollywood stars. Born in Alibaug and brought up in Mumbai, Sharan knew very well how to work hard and achieve his dreams. Sharan Patil, also known as Shravan, was excellent in studies and had a dream to be a pilot when he grows up, but life had better plan for him.

Okshravan has become one of the most prominent digital marketing consultants in Mumbai and limelight's as a lifestyle influencer across social media with more than 25 thousand followers on his Instagram profile. Shravan has a very engaging audience to whom he often treats with his live seminars and videos on lifestyle grooming with the intention of making the world a smarter place.

Okshravan is a leading Entrepreneur in the world of digital marketing in India; He has experience of working with top names in Bollywood and his experience of working with topmost companies like T-Series, Zee Music, Sony, etc. have helped him to learn every bit. Okshravan has worked with many top Bollywood celebrities until now and has many more projects in pipeline.

What makes Okshravan different from others is his hunger for discovering new things. He is always looking to change the traditional way of digital marketing to new means of digital marketing, and because of this habit, he has become Google certified partner and carries 7 years of experience. Shravan's tremendous experience in the field of Digital media has helped him become an influencer on social media. In a nutshell, Okshravan is an ace digital marketer and has proved the same.

Okshravan, is not only a social media influencer but also runs a digital marketing firm called 'TAGDOG MEDIA'. His company deals with music promotion, production, celebrity management, public relation, etc. TagDog Media has already promoted many prominent brands within a budget and earned great profits with a high return on investment. Okshravan's strategical ideas have helped many companies increase their goodwill and brand value in the market.

Talking to Okshravan about his success in digital marketing field, he added, "I expect much more from Digital Marketing in the coming years. No matter how many algorithms comes in Google and other apps, I will have all the solution to all the difficult questions of Digital Marketing."

Experts like Shravan is an inspiration for many in today's time. The young and sharp mind has truly made sure to make a name for himself in this highly competitive world and is undoubtedly the most prominent name in Digital Marketing space and in short time you will see him rising on the top list of Entrepreneurs of India.