Bank Robbery
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A crime that felt very much inspired by the Bollywood blockbuster 'Dhoom' happened in Cochin on Thursday, May 9, 2019. At around 10.00 PM, bikers followed a car and robbed 25 kilograms of gold worth Rs 6 crore, and they fled the scene in a very professional manner.

Details of the incident

The gold which originally belonged to a shop in Ernakulam was being transported to Edayar for purification purpose. When the car stopped in front of the Edayar shop, bikers rushed to the spot and broke the rear glasses of the vehicle. Within seconds, they stole the gold and left the scene.

Two people who were there in the car got injured during the time of the robbery. Police have already started the investigation, and they believe that the culprits will be the ones who are very much aware of the gold transportation during that particular hour.

Similar crimes in the past

This is not the first time that films like 'Dhoom' are inspiring people to commit robberies. A few years ago, Kerala police had revealed that robbers who carried out the notorious 'Chelambra Bank Robbery' were inspired by the Sanjay Gadhvi directorial.

The Chelambra bank robbery happened in Malappuram district of Kerala on December 30, 2007, and it is widely considered the biggest and most sensational robberies ever reported in the state.

The planning of the robbery was carried out in months. Initially, the culprits rented a restaurant space on the first floor of a building where the bank was operating on the second floor. On December 30, the robbers made a hole in the floor of the Bank of Kerala and robbed 80 kilograms of gold and Rs. 50 lakh, totalling Rs.8 crore.

However, within 28 days, Kerala police arrested the culprits, and upon questioning, they revealed that Bollywood movie 'Dhoom' had inspired them to commit the crime. Here's the video: