"Ink Master" is the Spike reality show that shows renowned tattoo artists and enthusiasts battling out till the judges declare a winner. Season 7 of the series will premiere on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, and will see 16 contestants vying for the grand prize of $100,000 and the prestigious title of "Ink Master." 

Unlike the earlier seasons and any other reality show, "Ink Master" Season 7 pits not only each year's contestants against each other, but also with contenders from the previous seasons. More importantly, the contestants will also have to impress their "human canvases" along with the judges.

The "canvases" that get tattooed will all discuss and see who has the weakest tattoo and send the corresponding artist to face the judges Dave Navarro, Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck. Here is complete list of "Ink Master" Season 7 cast members, including both returning and fresh contestants.

Returning Tattoo Artists

St. Marq: He took part in Season 6 of "Ink Master", and was infamous for being the cockiest contestant. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Marq is best known for Black and Grey, Realism, Large Conceptual and Epic Multi-Surface tattoos.

Sausage: A returning artist from Season 4, Sausage has worked alongside season 3 winner, Joey "Hollywood" Hamilton. Although his talent won him a lot of fans during his season, Sausage did not win, and this time around he is hoping to rectify that.

Sarah Miller: Season 2 runner-up Sarah Miller specialises in New School, Japanese, and Black and Gray tattoos.

Matti Hixon: The veteran tattoo artist from Season 4 had placed third when he appeared the first time, but this around he is here to erase the past and make an "Ink Master" history. He thrives in colour realism and likes tattoos with a dark twist.

Jime Litwalk: This Season 3 veteran has won many awards worldwide for his tattoos and illustrations, but he is here to win the prestigious one of them all – "Ink Master". Will his signature animated "classic new skool" style take him to the end of the competition in Season 7?

Jesse Smith: He is one of the earlier veterans looking to redeem his name in the reality show. He first appeared in Season 2, and he credits "Ink Master" for his growth as an artist and the betterment of his shop Loose Screw Tattoos.

James Vaughn: James specialises in neo Japanese and old school traditional tattooing styles and has won over 300 awards for his tattooing skills. He was one of the contestants in Season 1 of "Ink Master" and even made it to final three. He is currently the proud owner of two tattoo parlours in North Carolina.

Cleen Rock One: This Season 5 runner up has a shop of his own in Illinois and where he practices neo-traditional and new school skills in tattooing. He has another show called Chrome Gypsy Tattoo in the West, but he is looking for more than fame this season; he is striving to a title.

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New Tattoo Artists

Cris Gherman: With 15 years of experience and worldwide popularity, Chris Gherman brings a lot of potential to "Ink Master". He hopes that his popularity will rise once he earns the title and he can go on to become the household name that he deserves to be.

Picasso Dular: With over 16 years of experience and relentless hard work, Picasso hopes to snatch the "Ink Master" title this season. He hopes to open his own shop with the fame and money that comes with it.

Christian Buckingham: Buckingham believes that the public will enjoy watching his "destroy the show" and hopes to win the title and money to support his "badass" wife, children and grand children.

Corey Davis: This Atlanta-based tattoo artist uses his experiences of growing up in a less privileged community to give life to his artwork. In fact, he says tattooing saved him life, and is looking forward to winning the title of "Ink Master" this season.

Megan Jean Morris: This tomboy with a sprinkle of femininity may come across as arrogant, but you will look past it, because of her immense talent. Morris, who studied realism in college, hopes to use her art background to create vibrant and detailed surrealistic pieces that will take her to the end of the challenge in Season 7.

Ashley Velazquez: Also known as "Show Off", Velassquez was an art major in college and she began drawing tattoos before she even was a tattoo artist. She is the most sought after artist in her shop, but now, she wants her popularity to rise with "Ink Master'.

Anthony Michaels : Michaels, who calls himself as stereotypical tattoo artist, claims that the rest of the artists in the show will lose sleep once they see what he can do. He is inspired by sister, who persevered through brain damage and is now a Special Olympics gold medal winner, and is willing to do everything to get the "Ink Master" title.

Alex Rockoff: An art kid who fell in love with tattoos, Rockoff is unapologetically ambitious and believes his lines, shading, and colour gradients will take him farther than his fellow contestants.