When Ergotelis midfielder Leonardo Koutris went down after colliding with an opponent in 17 Octobers match against Larissa in Greek footballs second tier league match, he wasnt expecting what followed. In a bizarre turn of events worthy of a comedy sketch, a furious opposing player, who felt Koutris was feigning injury to waste time, attempted to pull him to his feet by his shirt and then let him fall, before stretcher bearers arrived to carry Koutris off the pitch.

While Koutris writhed with back pain, the bearers roughly rolled him onto the stretcher so he was half-on and half-off, then began running to get him off the pitch as quickly as possible. In their hurry, first he was dropped, then one of the stretcher-bearers let go of him again and proceeded to fall on top of him. Finally, they reached the touch line and the player was dumped to the ground to the dismay of his teams medic.

Top of the table Larissa were trailing by a goal to nil at the time of the incident in the 66th minute of the game but went on to score two late goals, including a winner four minutes into stoppage time to snatch a very late 2-1 victory and maintain their perfect start to the season with four wins from four games.