Inimey Ippadithaan
Inimey IppadithaanTwitter/ Santhanam

The latest Santhanam movie "Inimey Ippadithaan", which was released on 12 June, has got positive reviews by critics.

The movie, directed by Muruganand, has been rated as one of the best comedy entertainers in recent times. 

Most of the reviews say the most impressive aspect of the film is the way the director has delivered a simple story in a mind-blowing way. The script of the movie has been touted as highly-engaging, one mixed perfectly with witty one-liners and neat dialogues.

The performance of the lead actors is another highlight of the movie.

Here are the reviews of "Inimey Ippadithaan" by critics:


"The concept is rather done and dusted; even then, the director combo needs a pat on the back for weaving out a neat entertainer from the hat. You might see him as a hero, walking down suave enough to look hot, showing some great improvement in dancing; sporting a super hairdo, but the comedian in Santhanam is what makes him stronger. The easily delivered dialogues, smart punch lines are completely amusing indeed."

"From the leading ladies front, Ashna has a creamier role than Akhila, somehow messes up her dubbing but delivers what was intended. What do we need to say about Thambi Ramiah?, the man is indeed a versatile star, rises up as the uncle character and tickles our funny bone remarkably."

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"First thing that we notice about the film is that everyone in the team has exerted the hard work in delivering a beautiful fillm. Each and every dialogue laced with witticism land up celebration in the theatres. In fact, Santhanam has tried something unique borrowing the formulae from Hollywood rom-coms. The writers have taken scrutinising efforts over penning the lines in a way that it doesn't irk the audiences. The directors have tried crafting good characterisation, especially for Thambi Ramaiah who hasn't been under spotlights for a while."

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"Inimey Ippadithaan" is a complete laugh riot concocted using a simple tale. It is responsibly carried forward by Santhanam" with clear focus. Director Muruganand has pulled off what he was required to from the simple writing, fitting performances and counter dialogues to keep the audiences awake"