In case you weren't aware, in terms of modern day open-ended puzzlers, Infinifactory from SpaceChem developer Zachtronics Industries has been one of the acclaimed favourites. Now, it seems like the game is all set to mark its debut on Sony's PlayStation 4.

As far as the game is concerned, Infinifactory is based on constructing assembly lines and factories to carry out a number of tasks for the alien overlords. The biggest plus point about the game is that it offers a host of solutions to any particular challenge within the game. And you can share the solution with your friends.

"My absolute favourite feature in Infinifactory is its ability to record videos of solutions," Zachtronics creative director Zach Barth said on the PlayStation Blog. "With the single push of a button you can record seamlessly looping videos of your cleverest factories and share them with your friends and the world. How's that for showing off?"

As of now, there's no information on when the game will land on the PS4, and more so after Barth declared on Twitter that he has no idea when we can expect the game officially.

"When we first released Infinifactory in early 2015, it was as an 'early access' game on PC. Over the following six months we refined it heavily based on player feedback, and even added four additional sets of levels, effectively doubling the number of puzzles in the game. It's gotten the time and attention to turn it into the greatest puzzle game we've ever made, and now it's coming straight to you on PS4," the official page adds.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Eurogamer, PlayStation Blog]