The Yeongdong Expressway Music Festival held a few days ago at Alpensia Ski Resort was a resounding success. For the producers of Infinity Challenge, it was a proud moment. The many candid and amusing moments from the festival will be remembered for a long time. After all, G-Dragon doesn't reveal his phone number always.

Meanwhile, the social media site, Instagram, is flooded with pictures and videos from the music festival, many showing trash accumulated at the venue. It appears that the organisers of the music festival failed to clean up the resort after music artists left the stage.

Leaked pictures from the resort went viral on social media with many commenting, "It looks like trash went to the concert," "That's too much," and one word that pretty much sums up the situation: 'Omg', " reported Allkpop.

Although the resort officials haven't issued a statement on the trash at the premises, organisers of the Infinity Challenge tweeted an apology. "The 'Infinity Challenge' music festival closed amidst a lot of viewer interest. Right after the festival, 'Infinity Challenge' was busy cleaning up litter from the venue... The Alpensia Ski Resort is being restored to its original state little by little. We apologise for causing worry once again," reported Koogle.TV.

Amidst fears that the music festival might not take place again owing to the damage to the property, music artists confirmed their participation in the next instalment of the Infinity Challenge Festival. BIGBANG's G-Dragon said, "I'll be performing at the next one too. Since I've done it with Kwanghee once now, it would be good to do it with someone else," reported Soompi.

The concert, which is held once in two years, was attended by 40,000 people. This year's lineup included Kwanghee and G-Dragon, Taeyang; Jung Hyung Don and HyukOh Band; Jung Joon Ha and Yoon Sang Park; Myung Soo and IU; Yoo Jae Suk and J.Y. Park; and HaHa & Zion.T.