Mohnish Bahl (Wikimedia Commons/ Bollywood Hungama)
Mohnish Bahl (Wikimedia Commons/ Bollywood Hungama)Wikimedia Commons/ Bollywood H

The dead body of a newly born baby girl was found in the swimming pool of actor Mohnish Bahl's bungalow, located at Parsik Hill in Kharegaon, near Mumbra.

On Saturday, the watchman of the bungalow found a decomposed body, wrapped in a plastic bag, after he noticed a foul smell emanating from the bungalow. He immediately informed Bahl and the actor rushed to the spot. Mumbra police were informed, who then recovered the body and sent it for post mortem of Thane Civil Hospital.

The baby girl was reportedly three to four days old and was dumped in the swimming pool soon after birth.

The police have registered a case under IPC Section 318 (Concealment of birth by secret disposal of dead body) and are investigating. "The accused must have either jumped over the boundary wall or sneaked into the bungalow from rear where the pool is located. His intention was clearly to dispose of the body, as he did not steal anything," a Mumbra police officer told Mumbai Mirror.

"We are questioning people residing in the neighbourhood and also the security personnel. If needed, we will record Behl's statement too," he added.

The bungalow was owned by Mohnish's parents (Bollywood actress Nutan and Rajnishi Bahl), but now the actor is its owner. After the death of his parents, the bungalow has been kept locked up and a private security agency has been hired to secure the place.

Bahl seems shaken by the incident that happened at his bungalow. Mid Day reported that the actor might sell his property. The actor was emotionally attached to the bungalow and that prevented him from selling, but he is not sure about it now. "After what I saw on Saturday, I really don't know what I will do. This incident will never go away from my mind. I hope people change their attitude towards girl children," Mid Day quoted Bahl as saying.

Referring to the incident, Bahl posted a message on his Facebook page saying, "On Saturday, we were staring at an act of the most depraved of society ... I will not repeat here, however I trust you would have got news on the same.

We read of such deplorable, unforgivable inhuman acts in the papers & feel a sense of anger, depression & helplessness. But, trust me, after last Saturday, when you see for yourself ... your emotions multiply in to something that is indescribable & it throws the very fundamentals of life out.

Please pray for the helpless soul....

Please pray that the animals who did this are caught."