The infant death toll in West Bengal's Malda Medical College and Hospital rose to 13 with two more babies dying on Saturday.

Six of the 11 babies died in the sick new-born care unit and others died in the general pediatric ward of the hospital.

It has been reported that six babies died due to low birth weight. The cause of the other deaths was not known.

Amidst widespread criticism for the infant deaths in the hospital, experts from the National Collaborative Centre for Neonatal Care, who were in the city to conduct a training programme for doctors in state children's hospitals, suggested that deaths which are occur within four-six hours of admission should be excluded from hospital records.

Death of infants is not new phenomenon in the state. Last year, 21 babies died in the span of 48 hours at a government children hospital in the state. Earlier in the same year, there were reports of deaths of 12 babies in the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital in West Bengal's Burdwan district.