Indrajeet Prasad
Indrajeet Prasad

A junior scientist cum innovators, Indrajeet Prasad, a 31 years old NRI living in Prague has proven himself to be an ingenious personage. The scientist has taken a benevolent and humanitarian step to aid the young talents of the society. He has effectuated his plans of succouring the Indian students to pursue their education abroad.

Procuring multitudinous awards and unnumbered achievements, Mr. Indrajeet Prasad, born in a middle class family, always possessed the whim of pursuing education abroad. Currently in Prague, the front-runner, is a prime researcher for the development of an unconventional power supply for European commission research project "AVA: Accelerators Validating Antimatter Physics". This research consortium consists of 11 of the most prestigious and best research institutions in the world including CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland, the University of Liverpool in the UK and GSI in Germany, amongst others.". He has travelled across 20 countries and has confronted multiple cultures. Coming from Indrajeet himself, he explains- "Born in India, I know the hardships of an Indian student. Exposed to multifarious cultures, I have analysed the knowledge and aspirations of our students is on zenith. I would want each one of our students to pursue their education in the manner they want".

Indrajeet Prasad has thoroughly examined the issues of the Indian students, emphasizing on the financial points. He did not have a colossal financial support which coast him time. He desires to help the present generation by addressing their issues. Using social media as a proliferating platform, being at the dais of zenith, he serves his experience to other deserving students, connects them to multitudinous scholarship opportunities, and explains them the ground reality and clears the haze for them. He wants them to have a clear scenario rather than the clouded picture.

Mr. Indrajeet Prasad has engendered a powerful platform for free information to the students and succours the by guiding them in the right direction. The visionary wants these students to help India procure a better position in the globe. We wish him good luck and hope his vision attains a ginormous success!!

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