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Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi inaugurated photography exhibition on life of India's first female Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, on her 100th birth anniversary, in New Delhi, on Sunday, November 19Twitter

Congress president Sonia Gandhi has eulogised former prime minister Indira Gandhi for fighting against divisive forces while calling her one of the greatest leaders of India.

The Congress chief on Sunday inaugurated a photography exhibition "Indira: A Life Of Courage" marking the birth centenary of India's first female prime minister.

She was accompanied by son and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi, former PM Manmohan Singh, and former President Pranab Mukherjee among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Sonia recalled that Indira deeply cared for the downtrodden and did not tolerate forces that wanted to divide the nation on the lines of caste and religion.

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at the exclusive photographic exhibition of Indira: A Life Of Courage which will be open to public from November 21.Twitter

"She (Indira Gandhi) could not tolerate any form of bullying, coercion and unfairness -- that was fundamental to her character. That is what inspired her in all her battles – those she took on and those that she faced," the Congress president said.

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"It was that rigorous schooling in the Independence movement that made her so staunch in defence of India's sovereignty, so committed to the ideals of secularism and social justice, and so determined to advance them through her policies and programmes," she added.

"I have heard Indiraji being referred to as the Iron Lady. But iron was only one of the elements in her character; generosity and humanity were just as prominent traits," Sonia hailed.

"She fought, yes -- but not for personal ascendancy. She fought for her principles, against vested interests and agendas".

The photography exhibition will be open to the public from November 21 onwards.