Annette Beck-Sickinger has apologised for her statement.
Annette Beck-Sickinger,head of biochemistry department of the University of Leipzig has apologised for her remarks.University of Leipzig

Recent reports suggest the German professor from Leipzig University who cited India's "rape problem" as grounds for denying internship to an aspiring Indian male student had declined another student last year on the same grounds.

A report published by an online news portal stated that it had learnt of another Indian student who had applied to the university in 2014, but was denied admission by Professor Annette Beck-Sickinger. 

The News Minute report, citing another student who requested anonymity, said Professor Beck-Sickinger had denied him an opportunity as well citing India's "rape problem". 

The report further stated that the email sent to its source in March 2014 read: "Unfortunately, I do no longer accept any male Indian guests, trainees, doctoral students, or post docs due to the severe rape problem in India."

The 25-year student, who now works in New Delhi, had applied to the German University for a Ph.D. TNM also published a screen shot of the email sent by the German professor.

Early on Monday, Professor Annette Beck-Sickinger came under fire after an Indian male student, who was denied admission to the university on grounds of India's rape problem, put up the screenshots of the email conversation on Quora.

The post soon went viral and Professor Beck-Sickinger was forced to offer an apology later.

Even German Ambassador to India Michael Steiner criticised the Leipzig University professor on Monday, terming the rejection of the Indian male student as "unfair".

In his letter to Professor Annette G. Beck-Sickinger, Steiner raised his objections to the denial, highlighting that the problem of rape existed worldwide, including Germany.

"It has been brought to my attention that you denied an internship to a male Indian student, giving the 'rape problem in India' as a reason. Let me make clear from the very onset that I strongly object to this," Steiner said in his letter, which he put up on his official Twitter page as well.