Indian IT professionals
Many companies reportedly conducted an audit on their IT systems after the WannaCry attack, and discovered several security loopholes.Reuters

Highlighting the potential held by the start-ups in the country, NASSCOM chief Devyani Ghosh has predicted that Information Technology business in India will grow to $1 trillion in the upcoming years.

Ghosh was speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Technology Summit 2018 in Gandhinagar.

"The IT industry in India is worth $167 billion and Gujarat contributes only $1 billion. The industry is expected to touch a trillion dollars in the next few years and Gujarat's contribution in it should be at least 10%," she said at the inauguration ceremony.

Ghosh has also asked Gujarat to tap in its entrepreneurship potential rather than seeking advice from others for setting up start-up ecosystems in the state. "Gujarat is the home of entrepreneurs in the country. How come it has to learn from other experts from outside, whereas it should be the other way round?" she argued.

She also said that Gujarat is growing at a rate of 10.5 per cent which is much better than any other state. "But the IT sector needs to catch up. There are tremendous opportunities in energy, water, especially in health. But rather than treating IT growth as an isolated entity, there is a need to utilize IT in the existing traditional industry to make it grow," she said.

Gujarat Chief Secretary JN Singh told the media that the city of Ahmedabad is becoming a new hub for the startups centres across the country. He said that the Gujarat government is getting an overwhelming response from the start-ups and the event has received more than 12,000 applications. Additionally, 25 IT research paper is also expected to be released at the summit this year.