With no respite from rising food prices, notably pulses, India's annual wholesale inflation rate moved up to (-)1.99% for November, against (-) 3.81% for the month before, official data showed on Monday.

As per the official wholesale price index numbers released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, proces of food articles rose 2.3% in just a month in November, as cost of fish, meat, eggs, lentils, condiments and spices, and fruits and vegetables all registered an increase.

The overall annual wholesale inflation rate, though still in the negative, has risen to (-)1.99% from (-)3.81% in October, and (-)4.59% and (-)5.06% in the preceding two months.

Food inflation moved up to 3.12% from (-)1.2% during the month under review. The annual index numbers for petrol, diesel and cooking fuels also rose, while still in the negative.