Visitors at the Indianapolis Zoo have been moved inside a building on Sunday morning after it emerged that a cheetah was on loose. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department personnel confimed to FOX 59 that the animal is still in the Zoo premises and has not venture out yet.

A code red has been issued at the popular zoo and the facility currently is under a lockdown. A visitor at the zoo told RTV6 that the alarm was raised at around 9.30am and everyone was asked to lock themselves in the bathroom.

IMPD along with zoo authorities are working on a plan to find the animal. 

The Indianapolis Zoo is the largest privately funded zoo in the country and is located at White River State Park. The 64-acre campus is home to more than 1,600 animals.

In July, the Indianapolis Zoo added two cheetahs among its exhibits. As per the details published on the website of Indianapolis Zoo "four-year-old brothers Zephyr and Pounce came to the Indianapolis Zoo in July from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park."

It is still uncertain if the Cheetah on the loose was the one brought from San Diego.

More details awaited...

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Charlie De Mar ‏@CharlieDeMar  1m1 minute ago

IMPD dispatch confirms that a cheetah is out of its holding area at the Indianapolis Zoo. Visitors currently on lockdown inside buildings.