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Since Disney has fully taken over the publication of all the Lucasfilm properties, Marvel Comics has mostly focused on Star Wars franchise. However, it seems that the comic book publication is looking forward to get another of the Lucasfilm properties in print: Indiana Jones.

Heather Antos, editor of Marvel Comics who also serves as assistant editor of Marvel and Lucasfilm's Star Wars line of comic books, had hinted on one of her Instagram posts that Marvel is actively moving ahead with Indiana Jones comic series and Antos will be working on it.

However, when Antos got aware of the speculations circulating over the internet, she cleared the rumours by updating the original post and has stated that she was just studying up for a guest appearance on a pod-cast, "The Indiana Jones Minute." She also said that she didn't expect Indy fans to go into frenzy after she posted the DVD covers of Indiana Jones movies.


 Super stoked to be doing some homework for the Indiana Jones Minute Podcast tomorrow! Best job ever? Yes! Sorry Star Wars!

A photo posted by Heather Antos (@heatherantos) on Aug 25, 2016 at 7:03pm PDT

Though the Indiana Jones franchise has never been as successful and popular as the Star Wars one, it has always been consistent throughout the years, with various publications printing the comic books based on the character since 1981, when "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was first released.

From 1983 to 1986, Marvel published a three-year ongoing series titled "The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones." Though the comic book story was not the best one, it did have its remarkable moments as it was created by prominent artists and writers David Michelinie and Kerry Gammill.

Afterwards, Dark Horse Comics also published comic book series titled "Indiana Jones Adventures" in the late 2000s that was modelled on highly successful Star Wars series "Clone Wars Adventures." It was followed by a magazine format series in 2008 that featured photos and reprints of the Dark Horse Comics material.

Marvel has yet to confirm any possibility of Indiana Jones comic books in the near future. However, the recent developments hint that it might happen sooner than the fans are expecting.