Internet is all hyped up with the news of "Indiana Jones 5" and Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg returning to join the iconic franchise. However, the Indy fans are also looking forward to the fate of another character from the previous Indiana Jones movie.

Though there hasn't been any plot details revealed regarding the next instalment of the franchise, fans are curiously waiting to find out whether Shia LaBeouf will be also returning to join the cast or not.

LaBeouf played the role of Mutt Williams, son of protagonist Indiana Jones, in the previous movie of the franchise, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," also known as "Indiana Jones 4."

However, he garnered harsh criticism from the fans after commenting adversely on the franchise and his role in "Indiana Jones 4." His comments provoked Harrison Ford to react with some stern words.

As stated by Bustle, talking about his role and the movie franchise, LaBeouf had said: "I feel like I dropped the ball on the legacy that people loved and cherished. You get to monkey-swinging and things like that and you can blame it on the writer and you can blame it on Steven. But the actor's job is to make it come alive and make it work, and I couldn't do it. So that's my fault."

Harrison Ford was upset with LaBeouf's comment and as reported by NME, he reacted by saying, "I think he was a f***ing idiot." Though LaBeouf had mostly criticised his own acting in the movie, Ford got upset over his comments on the director and the movie.

The fans also criticised the seemingly desperate attempt of passing the legacy of Indy to LaBeouf in "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" that was further solidified by LaBeouf's brutal comment.

Hence, there is a very slim chance that LaBeouf will ever be a part of the long-going franchise. However, since there has been no mention of the plot or any other details, he might return, depending on how his character of Mutt Williams would be portrayed in "Indiana Jones 5."