Indian Woman
Police began suspecting the call centres after they found similar operations in Ahmedabad. [Representational Image] In Picture: Employees at a call centre provide service support to customers in Siliguri February 2, 2008.Reuters

Indian women have outpaced men in sexting and in filming sexual video content, says a new survey.

According to the survey '2014 Love, Relationships & Technology' by security software maker McAfee, 59 percent of women admitted that they send intimate text messages, photos and emails, when compared to the 57 percent Indian male.

 The study was conducted among 1,008 people aged between 18-54 from 30 December 2013 to 16 January 2014 to analyse the behaviour of Indian consumers when it comes to sharing and storing intimate data on their mobile devices.

"The indiscriminate usage of mobile phones to share photos and videos reiterate the realities of digital privacy, or lack thereof. Ultimately, users are increasing the risks of these photos becoming public and possibly jeopardizing their identity and reputation. It is critical therefore to take proactive measures to make sure their personal data is safe and secure," PTI quoted Rupa Roy, marketing head, India and SAARC, McAfee.

The study also revealed that about 30 percent of women respondents accepted that they film video contents as compared to 27 percent Indian male. While 68 percent of women keep track of the messages and photos in their husbands' mobile phones, 31 percent said that they check their partner's activities by logging into their Facebook profile. Although majority of respondents said that they trust their partners to not share their sexually explicit content, 6 percent confess that they do not trust their partners.

The survey raises serious privacy concerns in this modern age of digital technology. According to McAfee, consumers should avoid using weak passwords to keep such contents secure.