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In a shocking incident from India's southern state of Karnataka, doctors removed 99 gallbladder stones from a 45-year-old woman. Local reports stated that the woman comes from a poor family and her husband, who is a daily wage worker, could not afford to have her operated upon in renowned hospitals.

The patient approached the doctors in a government hospital complaining of severe stomach pain. A scan revealed that there were multiple stones in her gallbladder.

She was also suffering from anterior abdominal wall swelling, or an umbilical hernia, said the doctors on March 1, according to the Indian Express.

"She had incarcerated hernia, gallbladder stones, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cardiac problem. She was running around to get operated but due to her poverty, nobody offered her any support....," a senior surgeon at the hospital was quoted as saying by the report.

She was operated upon on February 28. Doctors had to cut open her abdomen to remove the stones, out of which three stones were of 12 mm size and others were 4-5 mm.

She also underwent surgery for the hernia and the entire operation took almost two and half hours.

However, this is not even close to the operation in which the highest number of gallbladder stones ever removed from a patient.

Doctors had removed almost 12,000 gallstones from a 51-year-old woman — a resident of the city of Kolkata in India's eastern state of West Bengal — in 2015.