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Pakistan High Commission in New DelhiReuters

Indian woman Uzma Jan, who was allegedly forced to marry a Pakistani man, Tahir Ali, has been allowed to return to India by the Islamabad High Court.

Magistrate Salman Amjad Siddique ordered Pakistan's Interior Ministry to secure Uzma's travel back to India.

According to sources, Uzma -- whose visa will expire on May 30 -- will be deported to India on Thursday.

Uzma, a doctor, had requested the court to allow her to return to India and said she was forced to marry Tahir at gunpoint.

She had taken refuge at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad earlier this month and asked to be repatriated to India after she came to know that Tahir was already married and had four children.

She said Tahir had deceived her and accused him of stealing her passport and other travel documents.

The High Court on Wednesday ordered that Uzma can go to her country and the case will be processed in her absence.

An Islamabad High Court bench, headed by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, returned Uzma her original immigration form, which Tahir had submitted to the court on Tuesday.

The court also ordered that police provide security to her till the Wagah Border Crossing.

According to Dunya news, Uzma had filed plea in the court that she had to travel to India to attend to her daughter suffering from thalassemia. Justice Kayani granted permission to Uzma while considering the medical report of her daughter.

Tahir asked to meet Uzma in private, after which Justice Kayani said that they can hold a meeting in his chamber. But Uzma refused to meet him.

To which, Justice Kayani said that if Uzma does not want to meet Tahir then she should not be forced to do so.

Uzma also fainted in the court during the hearing and paramedics were called in.

In a six-page reply to the court, Uzma had said that she was made to sign the nikah document with a gun pointed to her head.

She alleged that she was also threatened with being killed, harassed and badly humiliated.

Uzma, who belongs to New Delhi, and Tahir "fell in love" in Malaysia, after which she travelled to Pakistan on May 1 via the Wagah border and the two got married on May 3, he has told the court.