Dr. Thejo Kumari

Dr. Thejo Kumari has time, and aging proved that she is a formidable character who defies all odds and makes her own path. Over the years, she has forayed into various fields. She has been able to establish an image and made a mark in every sector she has ventured into. Her endeavor to better herself has paid off.

She has won the Real SuperWoman Award, Super Woman Social Entrepreneur Award, Rashtriya Gourav Award, The Most Inspirational Woman from India Award, Global Iron Lady Award, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Award and the Rashtriya Prerana award.

She is also compassionate about people and has reached hundreds of people, especially during the pandemic. She fought alongside others as a Covid warrior by creating health awareness. She says she has long been running literacy campaigns to help the underprivileged. She worked very hard to help through social responsibility programs in the form of social work in several districts. She happens to be an avid animal lover and has assisted in saving and rescuing animals.

She has been felicitated for her work and service with the Rashtriya Samaj Seva Ratha award, Rajiv Gandhi Icon award, and the Mahatma Gandhi excellence award. Her peace efforts have been appreciated with her being honored with Gandhi-Mandela International Award, and the Nelson Mandela NOBLE PEACE Award.

With an endearing personality and great height to match her smiling face that highlights her dimples, she has gone on to win Ms. India Glam Icon Winner, Ms. India International Winner 2022, and Ms. Asia Universe 2022 winner. All these titles came along with Ms. India's main title winner. She has several beauty titles to her kitty, including the most inspirational award from India, Influencer award, Extraordinary woman award, Wisdom award, and Blissful Queen Award.

She says she has worked very hard for the Mrs. Universe title. Similarly, she has worked hard to lose a lot of weight to be more presentable for the contest, with several younger ladies in the fray and she in early forties competing, which seemed a far-fetched dream for others. However, she took on the challenge, which lasted for five days with several rounds of competitions that decided the final winner. This initiative took a toll on the contestants, who had to work very hard answering and posing before the judges announced the winner, Thejo Kumari.