An Indian youth from Uttar Pradesh who joined the Islamic State terror group in Syria earlier this year has grown weary of the fighting and wants to return home. 

The 28-year-old man, who hails from Azamgarh, had joined Isis six months ago after he was recruited by the group's wing in Dubai. 

He has reportedly called his parents from Raqqa and has said he wants to come back to India, The Times of India reported. 

According to intelligence officials, the Indian is now scared of being killed in airstrikes in Syria and has also become disillusioned with the terror group's fighting, the report said. 

"He made several calls to his home in the last few days from different numbers and expressed that he is stuck there. He clearly told his parents that he wants to come back," an official was quoted saying. 

The youth is said to be the 20th Indian to have joined Isis in Iraq and Syria in the last year, as Indian authorities look for ways to stop the radicalisation of more youths in the country. 

Last year, Areeb Majeed, a youth from Kalyan who travelled to Syria to join the Isis, returned to India after he reportedly grew tired of the fighting. 

However, recent tweets from an Isis-affiliated account suggested that he had returned to allegedly launch a strike in the country. 

Over recent months, several Indians, including women, have reported to have been radicalised by Isis. Several Indians were also deported from the Gulf for supporting Isis on social media.