The mob brutally thrashed the transwoman. [Representational image]Creative Commons

A transwoman was brutally beaten up by a mob in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala after they mistook her for a kidnapper in the guise of a woman. The group of men, who wanted to verify her 'gender' tried to rip off her clothes.

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The video of the attack on the hapless transwoman has created an outrage in the state which is the first in India to adopt a policy for the welfare of the transgender community. 

In a video that went viral on Sunday night, the transwoman is seen being thrashed and pushed around by a mob in Valiyathura in the capital of Kerala, reported The News Minute. 

The group of men pulled off her wig and questioned her gender. "Why have you come here in this dress," one of the attackers asked 27-year-old victim. 

The crowd even tried to rip off her clothes, despite a few men asking others to let her go.  The harassment continued till a few policemen arrived at the spot and rescued her from the angry mob. 

The police took the transwoman to a hospital first and then to the police station. Later, they let her go with her parents. 

"We brought Varsha to the station and informed her parents this morning. After they came, we have let her off with her parents," the sub-inspector told TNM.

However, the victim has not filed any complaint yet as she felt that she should not gone to Valiyathura in the wake of the ongoing rumors of child abduction in the area.

[Representational image]Creative Commons

One of the messages said men will come dressed as women and kidnap the children, the police officer said. It is a fishing colony and some of the locals found the transwoman standing alone at the shore at 8 pm. They mistook her for being a kidnapper and manhandled her, he explained.

Meanwhile, a transgender community organization called Oasis Cultural Society has filed a complaint demanding the arrest of the perpetrators.