Mumbai City FC are going to be a huge force in the second edition of the Indian Super League up front with Nicolas Anelka and India's captain Sunil Chhetri who was snapped up the ISL side during this year's players auction.

The Frenchman will have a huge role in the team not only as a player but also as a coach for the former Real Madrid star has been entrusted with the coach-cum-player job this season. Though it might be a huge ask from the Frenchman, all squad members of Mumbai City are going to benefit from his presence.

Nicolas Anelka, with his wealth of experience, after playing for some of the top clubs around the world including Real Madrid, Liverpool and Arsenal amongst others can provide them with useful tips to improve upon their game. 

Chhetri, who is the highest goal scorer for India, wants to learn the tricks of the trade from Anelka.

"He's a really good player. Just being there in training with him will improve all of us as players. Learning that he's a coach-cum-player now makes you want to hear a lot from him," Star Network quoted Chhetri during 'Let's Football'.

The Indian striker has had an enjoyable and a successful career with India and also in the I-League, but the Indian Super League, where he is expected to run shoulders against some foreign recruits, will test his skills to the hilt.

On the football pitch, Chhetri is someone who always gives his all irrespective of the opponent. It is such quality, which has helped Chhetri become a top class quality striker for India. Chhetri believes that the wins, losses, and the fans motivate him to do well.

"I keep reminding myself on why I chose to play football -- the fans going crazy, the wins, loses, the effort -- are the reasons that keep pushing me," said Chhetri.

"If I forget why I started playing football, then it's probably over for me as a player. It's all about the kids and I want to tell the kids through this medium to enjoy the game."

Football fans in India are keenly waiting for the 2016 ISL, which is set to kickstart from 3 October. The competition is going to be contested by eight different teams from across the country.