Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos was roped in as the marquee player cum coach of Delhi Dynamos few days ago.ISL Official Website

The auctions for the Indian Super League (ISL) 2015 took place in Mumbai on Friday where alll the eight teams took their wallet out and spent ₹7.22 crore to get the best set of Indian players for their side.

But Roberto Carlos, who is the marquee player-cum coach for Delhi Dynamos, was looking for the best player for his side and he sat there at the auction throughout the day to rope in suitable players.

The 42-year-old Brazilian legend said that he must have grown a little older but he has still got that mental strength in him to go out their on the field and give his best.

"You will see the best of me in the upcoming season. I am practising and training every day. At 42 years, the quality does go down but mentally I am very strong," Carlos told the reporters at the press conference on Friday.

Delhi Dynamos picked up some really important players for their side. Robin Singh was one of the players who was picked up by the Delhi franchise. But Delhi had pre-planned their strategies before coming into the auction on Friday. Thus, they spent their money on good players and that too wisely.

"We are looking forward to get the best players for the team. Quality of Indian players is very high. Now this is the time to show the motivation and the quality that they have to the world. This is the thing we will be focusing on in the ISL. I am trying to take out the best possible players and show it to the world, this will be my objective.

"Everything that took place today was actually pre-planned. When the matches will start you will see the results. We were very much aware what we are going to take," he said.

Carlos who will also be donning the Dynamos jersey said that he will try and give his best on the field during the version 2.0 of the ISL.

"I am always ready to play. I am always working as a serious trainer. The only thing I like from my heart is playing football. I don't want to play a low level football, my level is always high. Now Indian people will see the best of me," Carlos added.