Cesar Farias
Cesar Farias will bring in oodles of experience to NorthEast United FC in ISL 2015Reuters

Former Venezuela manager Cesar Farias revealed he has taken some critical notes ahead of making the move to Indian Super League side NorthEast United FC (NEUFC) earlier this month.

Farias, who guided the Venezuelan U-20 side to their first-ever FIFA U-20 World Cup qualification in 2009, replaced New Zealand gaffer Ricki Herbert at NEUFC this summer.

However, missing ISL last year doesn't seem to concern him, as Farias has done his homework quite tactfully and the North East ISL franchisee are certain to gain a lot from his experience.

"From a tactical point of view, and after having analysed many games from the 2014 season, teams are organised defensively and from there they work the game to find the answer to each situation," Farias told ISL's official website.

"At NorthEast United FC, we will work a lot with the offensive part to generate scoring opportunities from the flanks and in the centre of the attack. With a lot of breaking runs inside out and vice-versa and in each training session we will make emphasis on these aspects of the game."

The club signed former Portugal international Simao Sabrosa as their marquee player this summer, and judging by Farias' statements, it is believed that Simao -- who is an out-and-out winger, and known for his deep runs in the opposition half -- will be one of the key players to dictate play for the side.

Farias, 52, has the distinction of having mentored Venezuela to their first-ever victory over heavyweights Brazil in history. He also guided Venezuela to the semi-finals of the Copa America in 2011.

He is set to bring his experience once the pre-season training starts for the John Abraham co-owned side.

When asked on what kind of football he likes to see his teams play, Farias said, "Happy football, with order and balance, as well as taking good care of the ball. Thinking of scoring at all times without losing the structure on the field."

Speaking of his expectations this season, Farias said, "The expectations are always the highest, first let's take the appropriate step to classify NorthEast United to its first play-offs and once [we're] there, of course, we [would] want to reach the final and then we want to be champions."