Air India Pilot’s craving for Jodhpur’s Onion Kachoris Delays Flight by One Hour
Air India Pilot’s craving for Jodhpur’s Onion Kachoris Delays Flight by One HourReuters

The relief special aircraft, which was sent to bring back about 130 stranded Air India passengers and crew from Pakistan airport, landed at the New Delhi airport around 4 p.m on Monday.

All the passengers including the six crew members on board have been safely brought back to India.

The relief flight scheduled for Pakistan was delayed by an hour as aviation officials had several procedures to clear for a special flight. 

Officials said that the refuelling of both the planes were also arranged at Nawabshah Airport in Sindh, where a Delhi-bound Air India flight from Abu Dhabi, Airbus 319, made an emergency landing on Monday morning.

The pilot was forced to land the Airbus 319 at the Nawabshah airport at 3:37 a.m, after all three of the plane's hydraulic systems suffered a breakdown.

The Pakistan airport officials reportedly permitted the passengers to disembark, following the emergency landing. However, due to lack of transit permission, passengers were required to remain onboard until arrangements are made for a flight to bring them back to India.

According to reports, the Aviation Ministry will file a report on the incident and submit it to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Pakistan Defence Agency is currently in touch with the Civil Aviation department over the matter.

The system failure in the plane was possibly the rarest of all cases, where all backup systems had failed. The short-range commercial airliner was first launched in 1996 and belongs to the A-320 family of jet airlines.