Black bear
Black bearReuters

An Indian student was killed in a bear attack while hiking in a New Jersey wildlife preserve, an autopsy report has revealed more than a month after he was found dead in September.

22-year-old Darsh Patel is the first person in the state to be killed by a bear in the history of New Jersey, as reported by

Patel was hiking at the Apshawa Preserve with four friends on 21 September when they were warned by other hikers that a 300-pound bear was following them.

However, the group reportedly "wanted to see the bear", one of Patel's friends was quoted as saying.

The group started photographing the bear at a distance of 300 feet from the wild animal that witnesses said was not acting aggressive.

However, as the bear followed them and closed the distance, the group dispersed and ran in different directions. Patel was reportedly last seen attempting to escape from the bear by climbing a rock formation, the report said.

Patel's body was found at the bottom of the ravine, and the cause of death has been listed as 'mauled by bear', as his body had several bite and claw marks.

The bear was killed by the police at the spot where it was circling Patel's body.