The Maldives that was recently thrown into a political turmoil after a military coup has now sought India's help to carry out a free and fair elections in the country.

Starting from March 21, the Election Commission of India will be imparted training Election Commission officials from Maldives at the India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management IIIDEM, New Delhi. 

Indian officials have taken up this two weeks of coaching camp at the request of the Election Commission of Maldives. It may be mentioned that Indian electoral officers also conducted one such programme in Egypt after the down fall of embattled ruler Hosni Mubarak.

This training programme for Maldives officials is mainly focused  on strengthening the seven policies adopted by them in their Strategic Plan i.e. Establish and strengthen the institution to deliver services in an independent, professional, trustworthy and transparent manner; establish and maintain an electoral environment conducive to free and fair elections; ensure an accurate and reliable voters registry and effective voter verification; enforce the regulatory mechanism of political parties and encourage their active participation in a multi-party democracy; strengthen the legislative framework of electoral management and political parties; ensure the delivery of effective voter information and awareness programmes on electoral process to general public; build a competent and professional work force. 

This is the fourth such International training programme being conducted at the IIIDEM since its establishment in June 2011.

The Commission has also carried out many such programmes for delegations from Kenya, Nigeria and Bhutan, besides 25 programmes for national stakeholders on various aspects of Election Management including Voter Registration, Voter Education and Electoral Participation, Expenditure Monitoring during Election etc.