The Indian Navy on Tuesday successfully test fired Barak 8 long range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM), co-developed by Israel, from INS Kolkata early on Wednesday.

"The firing was undertaken on the Western Seaboard by INS Kolkata, wherein the missile successesfully intercepted an Aerial Target at extended ranges. The firing trial of the LR SAM has been jointly carried out by the Indian Navy, DRDO and Israel Aerospace Industries," Defence Ministry press release said.

The LRSAM missile was test fired after 12 am. It was first test fired from Israeli naval platform in November.

"Indian Navy achieves a significant milestone in enhancing its anti missile defence capability... Quantum jump in air defence capability of Indian Navy. LRSAMs being fitted in capital warships progressively," principal spokesperson for Ministry of Defence tweeted on Wednesday.

The missile will be deployed on the largest indigenously-built naval warship, INS Kolkata, recently commissioned INS Kamrota and other Naval warships.

"These Surface to Air Missiles are fitted onboard the Kolkata Class Destroyers and would also be fitted on all future major warships of the Indian Navy. This missile along with the MF STAR would provide these ships the capability to neutralize aerial threats at extended ranges," the press release said.

The LRSAM programme consists of vertical launcher unit, two-way data link and Multi Functional Surveillance and Threat Alert Radar (MF STAR) for detection, tracking and guidance of the missile. It also has weapon control system that allows it to engage multiple targets day and night in all weather conditions.

The missile has the capability to destroy airborne threats, including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, drones and projectiles, PTI reported. 

It has been jointly developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation and Israel Aerospace Industries. Israel's Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure, Elta Systems, Rafael and other companies were also involved into the manufacturing of the missile.