K-Pop is taking the world, including India, by storm. It has been pointed out by K-Pop fans that the music video of a recently released song composed by Santokh Singh is very similar to "The Boys" by popular band Girls' Generation.

"Ring Diamond Di" has many shots that are identical to "The Boys" and many Girls' Generation fans are irked by this. They call the song by Akriti Kakkar & Santokh Singh featuring Madhuri a screen-to-screen rip-off of not only "The Boys", but also of another song by the Girls' Generation, called "I Got A Boy".

Here are some comments that K-Pop fans left on the Girl's Generation video after watching "Ring Diamond Di":

anybody else here trying to refresh their mind after watching "ring diamond di" ????

  • YASS you read my mind I literally said "now lets watch the real video so I can rinse out my eyes" lol.

who came here to watch this mv again after watching diamond ring di

  • me I needed to cleanse my mind by watching the queens

Take a look at both the videos below and let us know what you think:

Do you think the MV for 'Ring Diamond Di' is copied from Girls' Generation Songs?
Yes. They totally ripped it off of K-Pop
No. It was purely coincidential
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