Indian Parliament (Reuters)
Indian Parliament (Reuters)Reuters

The last session of the 15th Lok Sabha on Friday saw emotional moments unfolding, as MPs were seen behaving at their best ever. It was a moment that left everyone wondering that when there could be peace in parliament on the last day, why couldn't the same spirit be maintained in all sessions. 

Television footages showed members including Congress President Sonia Gandhi and BJP leader L.K. Advani getting emotional, as members showered praises on each other.

The rare show of comradeship saw members leaving behind ideological differences, while hailing each other. Left leader Basudev Acharia called BJP patriarch, Advani, as the 'father of the House', one of many moments that saw the latter's eyes getting increasingly filled with tears.

Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj praised Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi for her special role in resolving disputes arising in the House.

Swaraj's charming description of main leaders in the House drew smiles, a moment that left everyone watching television at home, dumbstruck.

She said the 'Shararat' (mischief) of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath to create trouble in the House was efficiently dealt by the leader of the House Sushikumar Shinde with 'sharafat' (decency). In a flowery and poetic expression that seemed to spontaneously unfold, she praised Sonia's gracefulness and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's gentleness and Advani's Nyay priyata (judiciousness) in the House.

"We are going back with so many sweet and sour memories. When the history of this Lok Sabha will be written, it would be said that this was the session where most disruptions happened. And on the other page, it would be written it was also the same session where the most awaited Bills were passed. The Lokpal Bill, Telangana Bill, Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill, Manual Scavenging Bill, Street Vendors Bill etc," she noted.

Even if the 15th Lok Sabha doesn't go down in history for the bills it has passed, its last day will certainly go into the memories of people for the rare bohemia and angels-like behavior members displayed.