The massive bushfires in Australia have caused serious damage to life and property. Large areas of forest land have been wiped out and several people have had to leave their homes behind in order to stay safe. The sporting world has come forward to help in raising funds for the cause of fighting these raging bushfires.

In a noble move, Hockey India too has decided to step in an make a valuable contribution to the cause. The governing body of India's national sport in the country has donated jerseys signed by Indian international players so that they can be auctioned for raising money for the cause. Alongside this, a donation of $25,000 has also been made.

Hockey Australia, the governing body of the sport in that country, has expressed its gratitude to its Indian counterpart for their generous help. In a letter addressed to Hockey India President Mohammad Mushtaque Ahmed and CEO Elena Norman, the organisation wrote:

"On behalf of the board management of Hockey Australia, we really appreciate your support towards Hockey Australia's fundraising efforts for the recent bushfires. The signed Indian team jerseys will soon be included on our action platform and there is no doubt that the generous support of $25,000 USD towards the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal will be very well received.

Dozens of bushfires flare in Australia
Australia has been ravaged by bushfires

"These fires are unprecedented in our history and have impacted so many areas of our country and touched the lives of many people. However, we are confident that those areas that have bee most effected will recover in time.

"Your thoughts and kind words have been well received by our board and staff at Hockey Australia. Your support reinforces the strength of relationship between Australia and India including our shared love for the sport of Hockey.

"Thank you once again for reaching out to Hockey Australia and we wish you all the very best for 2020."

It's not just the hockey world that is doing its bit for this noble cause. Cricketers too are lending a helping hand. Shane Warne put his baggy green cap up for auction and a charity match involving Australian cricketers – playing for two teams, one captained by Warne and one by former Australia skipper Ricky Ponting – would also take place.

This is not the first time such a tragedy has befallen Australian forests. Such outbreaks of bushfires have become disturbingly common in the last few years and are seen as another manifestation of the climate change afflicting the world. However, this time, things have been worse than ever before. Hopefully, the help of the Indian hockey team would ease the pain for the country.